Louis Meyers, M.D.

Louis Meyers for State Senate

One of the major reasons leading to personal bankruptcy - in both younger and older people - is health care bills.

Health care in Vermont is too expensive and one of the reasons is the tremendous amount of waste in the health care system. Having worked as a physician for the past 25 years, I know where much of that waste is occurring - I see it every day I go to work in the hospital. I know where and how we can save money and also where we need to spend it in order to really make a useful difference.

So many people in Vermont are working hard just to keep their heads above water. They should not have to pay increasing prices for health care waste or live in fear that they are one accident or one illness away from bankruptcy.

I know we can do better than this and I ask for your help and your vote on November 6th so that I can reach the Vermont Senate and get started on making our health care system both better and more efficient.


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After tweny-five years as a physician I know all too well the increasing pressures health care workers face every day as they care for their patients. Clinical decisions are being made in corporate boardrooms with little input from those on the front lines. Many hours each day are wasted on meaningless computer tasks instead of direct patient care. Some of our best clinicians are reducing their hours or leaving the field altogether out of deep frustration at not being allowed to do what they do best - which is to help people heal.

This is unacceptable, and is one of the most important reasons I am running for the state senate. If I am elected, those who work in health care - and their patients - will have a strong voice and representation in ALL future health care debates.

Let’s take back health care from those corporate boardrooms and let’s build a future for Vermont we can all be proud of.

I welcome your comments.

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