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Policy Statements on Education

One of the most striking images from the Florida school shootings was the heroism and dedication of the teachers who sheltered the children and put themselves between the students and the killer.

Dedicated teachers also perform countless, less visible acts of kindness every day in their classrooms.

A nation thanks you.

Across Vermont there are two barriers to post-secondary education. One is financial, with many students and families being unable to afford tuition and the debt it incurs. The other barrier is aspirational, especially when a prospective student may be the first in their family to attend college. We must assure each hard-working student that we will do all we can to support their dreams and goals.

Castleton University offers Community College of Vermont (CCV) graduates scholarships so that tuition for junior and senior years matches CCV tuition. If our state government increases the financial support for our state colleges, perhaps other schools could make the same pledge as Castleton and make the possibility of a four-year degree more attainable.

The University of Vermont is out of reach for many young Vermonters, both in terms of finances and aspirations. I would like to see more of our Vermont students able to attend UVM.

Vermont has 183 public libraries, with 83% of those serving populations of 5,000 or less. It is a nationally recognized system, but one which is markedly underfunded. In fact, Vermont is one of only 8 states which does not provide state funding for its libraries. Our libraries are funded by municipal and property taxes, along with book sales and bake sales.

Libraries have long served to create opportunities, and never more so than in our rapidly digitalizing society. Libraries are truly part of the learning continuum, with librarians trained to teach computer literacy, conduct reading programs for children, and provide services not otherwise available to people with visual and physical disabilities. Furthermore, in many of our communities - especially the smaller towns - the library may be both the cultural center and the meeting place for town activities.

A relatively small amount of state funding for the libraries would go a long way toward improving opportunities for all Vermonters, and as a State Senator I will be fighting for our libraries. I hope you will join me.

My thanks to Ms. Penne Lynch for meeting with me this Fall. Ms. Lynch is the director of CCV's job readiness and internship programs. She is doing a tremendous job across the state in helping each CCV branch and its students match certificate and AA programs to community jobs and careers. Most recently she is implementing a federal grant to provide paid internships in the workforce for certificate graduates.

Vermont currently spends more per student in grades K-12 than any other state in the nation. But we rank 50th (last) in the country in terms of funding college programs. We must do better than this if we want to provide satisfying careers and financial stability for our young people, as well as older workers transitioning from one career to the next. The work Ms. Lynch and others are doing is a focused and useful endeavor, and I support them.

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