Louis Meyers, M.D.

Louis Meyers for State Senate

Policy Statements on the Environment

It is time for businesses in the state to charge five cents for each plastic bag. The purpose of this would be to encourage a shift to more reusable bags which do not produce such environmental destruction. The cost to consumers would be minimal and unlikely to drive business away...but it might begin to change people’s expectations and behavior.

Other states have made this decision and have seen good results. Kenya recently banned all plastic bags, after realizing that they were severely damaging the fishing industry on which that nation depends. If a relatively poor third-world country such as Kenya can do this, surely we can take a small step in this positive direction.

I absolutely support increased community input into renewable siting projects. The threat of climate change is not an immediate crisis - like Hurricane Irene - but one which will be with us for generations to come. As such, we should be taking action which is supported by as many in the community as possible. It is very understandable when communities rebel at being told they will have to allow huge wind turbines on their hillsides or when they see hundreds of acres suddenly blanketed by solar panels.

I drive often on Rte 7 from Williston to Rutland, and it seems like every other week a new agricultural field or beautiful meadow is now covered by the panels. This is one of our most heavily traveled but also most scenic roads - surely there must be other less traveled places in this underpopulated state where renewable energy projects could be placed.

The goal of making energy from renewable and low carbon-producing sources is critical, but let's not completely sacrifice what makes Vermont so special.

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