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General Policy Statements

The Vermont legislature recently passed a bill which will legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana - and Governor Scott has signed it. Almost immediately our lieutenant governor and his allies began pushing for a tax and regulate structure which would allow for large scale cultivation and sale of marijuana.

I absolutely oppose this for the following reasons:

- Based on the experience of states which have gone this route, we can expect big money operators from outside our state to begin clamoring to get in on the action - and some of these may turn out to be narco-traffickers.

- We can also expect many family farms to convert to growing marijuana, which is more profitable than dairy or other traditional crops.  In Afghanistan farmers grow fields of opium poppies for just this reason.

I don’t want our state’s financial health to depend on how much marijuana Vermonters consume. That is a corrupting and damaging influence. Let neighboring states go down that path if they so choose - I have a different vision for Vermont.

I met with Dr. Art Woolf, former state economist and longtime economics professor at UVM. We discussed Vermont's economy, especially as it compares to New Hampshire and other New England states. There are many reasons why our economy in Vermont is struggling, some of which are not entirely in our control. But one area where we can make a difference is the heavy regulatory burden with which businesses and individuals have to contend. There are many regions in our state that are severely depressed economically - I would like to explore the establishment of enterprise zones where some of the more stringent regulations could be eased for a period of time so that these communities can once again become vibrant places to live and work.

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